John Robert Dean
148th Grand Master of Masons
in the Commonwealth of Virginia

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Bob and Kathy Dean standing in front of the George Washington Chair located in the Replica Lodge Room in the George Washington Masonic National Memorial in Alexandria, Virginia
Bob and Kathy Dean - 37.75K

Grand Master of Masons in the
Commonwealth of Virginia in 1992,
Most Worshipful Brother Bob Dean continues to celebrate his
Theme, Freemasonry "A Touch of Class"

One of the highlights of MW Brother Bob's year came when Illustrious Brother Ernest Borgnine, now a 33º Grand Cross, made a visit to the Richmond Valley Scottish Rite Temple for a special ceremony and MW Bob had the opportunity to meet with and spend time with Ill Bro. Ernie.
bob_no5.jpg - 73.60 K

148th Grand Annual Communication

MW Bob Dean presiding over the Grand Lodge annual communication in 1992 when he presented Worshipful Jack Canard (center of the left photo) and Worshipful Steven Law (standing to Jack's left) among other Masters with the Outstanding Worshipful Master of the Year award

MW Don Robey receiving the George Washington Medal from MW Bob Dean during the Grand Lodge annual communication and being congradulated later.
bob_no6.jpg - 54.70 K bob_no7.jpg - 57.93 K

The Grand Lodge and Masonic Home sign provided by the brethren of the craft in 1992
Grand Lodge Sign

1992 was a glorious year for the Grand Lodge of Virginia and all members of the Craft with Most Worshipful Bob Dean at the helm as Grand Master.

MW Bob Dean escorting Lady Kathryn and being received at the Grand Lodge annual communication in 1992

MW Bob Dean with Lady Kathryn at the Potentate's Ball during MASA 1992.

MW Bob Dean with Brother Eddie Roland, Virginia State Master Counselor, International Order of DeMolay; Miss Jenny McNeal, Miss Jobs Daughters; and Miss Kristin Ekren, Grand Worthy Advisor of Rainbow for Girls in Virginia and South Carlonia for 1992. Brother Bob was elected to Honorary State Master Councilor during his term as Grand Master and was elected Honorary Member of the International Order of Jobs Daughters.

The Masonic Memrobillia in Bob's office will take you back to 1992 and the present, as there are 49 Honorary Membership certificates hanging on the wall and a trophy case filled with many gifts of love that Bob received in 1992. It is very evident that Bob served this Gentle Craft as Grand Master and he can tell you where each gift came from.

MW Bob with the Grand Secretary, MW John Powers Stokes.

MW Bob with the Grand Lodge Office Staff.

If you would like to chat or talk about our Gentle Craft then drop Bob an e-mail at

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