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You have just been subscribed to mased-list, an e-mail list devoted 
exclusively to the subject of Masonic Education, with an emphasis on how 
to better develop and deliver education programs throughout the world.

You will soon notice that many Masonic jurisdictions are present, and 
some of them may not be "recognized" by your Grand Lodge.  While this 
should present no practical problems, we ask that you refrain from 
discussing "regularity" issues on this list.  If you have concerns, you 
mail email the listowner, Bill Hickey, at and we 
can discuss the situation privately without involving those whose 
interests are in education.

First, a couple of important items.  

(1)  SAVE THIS FILE SOMEWHERE.  It contains information on how to 
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system,  and a number of other suitable subjects.

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I expect the members of this list to act like gentlemen (and ladies, if 
appropriate).  My tolerance of personal arguments on the list will be 
very low.  I will issue a private warning once, a public warning once, 
and if the discussion does not stop, I will place the offender(s) on an 
"ignored" list.  That will allow you to continue seeing the list 
postings, but the list will ignore anything from you.  That will happen 
for a week to allow a cooling-off period.  After you are restored to
full list privileges, I will expect you to maintain proper decorum.  Chronic 
abuse of this warning system will result in permanent removal.

Anti-masonic postings (should they ever happen) are cause for immediate 
and permanent removal from this list -- no warning.  I am the judge of 
what is anti-masonic, but I will entertain consultation from the list if 
a posting is questionable.

You don't have to like these rules, but you will have to abide by them.  
If you can't deal with them, unsubscribe now.

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nothing -- except, that is, make you look foolish because the entire 
membership of the list will see your mistake, and listproc will continue 
on as though you never even sent the message.

There are a number of ways to receive your mail via this list.  When you 
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I allow for digesting mail on this list.  That is to say, the list 
processor collects email for the entire day and will send you a single 
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Postpone will cause listproc to "hold" your mail for you until you come 
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The list of subscribers is restricted to members of this list only.  To 
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message to listproc, (subject optional) with the following text:


If you merely send REVIEW MASED-LIST, you will get the current list 
configuration and the current subscriber list.

Finally, if all else fails and you get totally confused, just send a 
message to with your question.  It will be read by a 
human and answered as soon as possible.

Welcome to Masonic Education (MASED), and I hope you find the
discussions worthwhile and valuable.

Sincerely and Fraternally,
Bill Hickey