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          C O N T E N T S 
   o   Editorial & Disclaimer  
   o   How to Subscribe  
   o   Obtaining Back Issues   
   o   Paying Your 'Dues'  
   o   What Shall I Write?   
   o   Non-Original Articles     
   o   Past Master  
   o   Advertising in MU   
   o   Style Notes       
   o   The More the Merrier     
   o   Masonic BBS's           
   o   Calling Ascii Artists     
   o   About Masonry Universal...       Read this first!   
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                   Editorial & Disclaimer 

Welcome to the introductory issue of Masonry Universal...

MU is a new Masonic magazine that tries to reflect both the light and 
the serious aspects of Freemasonry. Its contents are decided by its 
readers - if you don't see anything you like then contribute something
you would want to read, it's as simple as that. 

This introductory edition is intended to explain about the magazine, 
how to subscribe and how to contribute. Thank you for your interest.

MU is edited by WBro. Gordon Charlton, of Eastcote Lodge 5515, UK 


MU is available freely to Masons and non-Masons alike, but will be of 
more interest to the former. The views expressed in MU are those of 
the individuals who contribute, not of any Lodge or Grand Lodge, nor
of the editor. MU will only publish articles within the bounds of 
Masonic propriety. The editor's decision on this matter is final.

Copyright is with the editor unless otherwise noted.   March. (c)1996
                     How to Subscribe 
This is very easy. Send eMail to: 


There is no special wording required for the Subject: line, or for the
body of the message. This eMail will not be read by a human, so there
is no point writing anything in the body of the message. You will be
sent a copy of this issue automatically.

If you have a Masonic home-page on the Web you may like to include a
"mailTo:" URL for this address.

                 How to Unsubscribe 

This is also very easy. Send eMail to: 


Again there is no special wording required. You will be sent a short
letter of confirmation.
           Obtaining Back Issues  

Back-issues of MU are available be eMail from:  


You can order at most five issues in a single eMail. For instance, to
request copies of issues 9 and 10, put the following in the body of 
the message:
              get mu_9    
              get mu_10  
Only put one instruction on each line, and do not put any other text.
If you cannot avoid a signature being appended, put three dashes --- 
on a separate line after the "get" instructions. 

The most recent issue is available as "get mu_recent", or by eMailing
. It is OK to put this in a URL.

This introductory issue is issue 1. It can be obtained as "get mu_faq"
or by sending eMail to: . Again this
may be included in a "mailTo:" URL on a Masonic home page. 

                          Paying Your 'Dues' 

MU is a contributory magazine. It stands or falls on the willingness
of its readership to write articles for it. This is the price of 
subscribing to it.

I am not setting limits on how much any particular reader contributes,
but I hope that you will contribute something. Please unSubscribe if 
you do not feel willing to contribute to MU. Considering the small
format of the mag I hope you do not find the 'dues' to exacting.

Ideally I would like to have a surplus of articles. I am restricting
the size of an issue to about 30k (18 pages), and hope to have a new 
issue out approximately fortnightly. The size of my pending file will
be published regularly. Help me keep the figures up. 

In addition to regular (single page) articles MU does run special 
issues from time to time, covering a single subject in depth. If you
are interested in writing for a special issue I recommend contacting
the editor in advance, as not all submissions are well suited to MU's
format, and it would be a shame to expend a lot of effort only to have
it turned down.

                         What Shall I Write? 
The broad aims of MU are to complement the existing 'net services and
to provide information about Freemasonry in an easily digested format.

MU should reflect both the serious and the light side of Freemasonry.
I would like it to have more of the atmosphere of the Festive Board
than of the Lodge proceedings, so want articles about the history of
Masonry; hot topics and threads in the various forums, newsgroups and
mailservers, etc. around the globe; after-dinner anecdotes and reviews
of books both classic and new; personal opinions and poetry. Anything
with a Masonic tint to it. *As long as it fits the format!* 

Regular columns would be especially welcome, either on a monthly or 
occasional basis.

Also welcome are pages of ascii clip art, and front covers for MU.

) If you are stuck for an idea, I suggest looking through some back 
) issues of MU to see the variety of topics that are covered by the 
) magazine, and perhaps  find one that inspires you to develop the
) topic further.

                         Non-Original Articles 

On the whole I prefer to publish original works, as there is no chance
of legal complications with respect to copyright and so on.

If you do wish to submit an article which is not original, please
obtain permission where this is possible, and where it is not possible
please be very certain that the subject is not copyrighted. Copyright 
laws vary around the world, and could potentially lead to a terribly
complicated situation.

Please make every effort to give correct attribution to quotations and
short extracts from books. If you become aware of an inaccurate 
attribution in MU please advise the editor at the earliest opportunity
so that a correction can be issued straight away. MU has absolutely no
desire to misrepresent any author, or to cause offence by so doing.

Be aware that the editor of MU does not have the facilities to trap
every mis-attribution etc., so ultimately the responsibility for 
getting this right must lies with the contributor. By submitting
material to MU you will be considered to have accepted this 

                          (-: Past Master :-) 

It's high time for a little light refreshment;

My brother John and I owned a bird dog that was such a good hunter
that he gained renown within the small Southern community in which we
live. He worked hard and hunted hard and never failed to turn up a
covey of quail for us to shoot. We never came home without dinner in
our gamebags.

Since we were both Masons, we gave him the name "Master". He was
indeed a master of sorts, as he could outhunt any dog in our state.

After a number of years of hard work and dedication, we decided that
we should honor him somehow and since it seemed appropriate, we 
renamed him "Past Master".

Well, that was a mistake! After he got the title "Past Master", he 
stopped working, wouldn't hunt, and his demeanor changed for the 
worse. All he did from that point on was sit on his butt and howl!

  Tom Gregory "Past Master"  Statesville Lodge #27 Statesville, N.C.

                           Advertising in MU  

Adverts for things that involve paying money should be restricted to 
two lines at the bottom of an informative article, preferably on a 
non-related subject but if you want to review a book, for example, and
then offer it for sale at the bottom, please ensure that the article
is both accurate and informative. MU will not carry full page adverts.
Use your two lines to give a brief description, an eMail address and
the size of the reply applicants can expect, or a URL. 

Similar considerations apply to requests for assistance etc. This is
not intended to discourage placing small-ads, as this is a useful 
feature, but to place the emphasis firmly on the non-advertising 
content of Masonry Universal... 

Please consider articles which have a small-ad at the bottom as being
extra to your regular "dues". 

Announcements of new network services, or improvements to existing
ones will not be considered as adverts, and may be full page if it is
necessary. Note however that only single placements may be made. If 
you want a second placement you have to write another article.

                              Style Notes 

An article should fit into one page. A page is 72 characters across
and 24 lines deep, including the frame. The top and bottom lines may
not be altered, the sides can be removed for pages of ascii artwork,
but not for text pages or the front cover. This gives a usable area of
70x22 characters, or about 1.5k, so brevity is a necessity. NO TABS!

Paragraphs should not have an opening indentation. Use one space only
after a full stop (period). Separate paragraphs with a blank line. The
title should be centred, near the top of the page and <30 characters. 
capitalise words in the title like this. the title will be copied to  
the contents page unmodified, to allow for searching by readers.      

The wider the distribution of masonry universal... is, the less the   
demand for contributions from individual subscribers will be. so it is
in your interest to promote it. please consider adding this line to   
your sig; 

              "I read Masonry Universal... send eMail to 
               mu_faq@beastmaster.hna.com.au for details"

or something similar.

references to mu are most welcome on masonic home pages, and in  
masonic magazines etc.

**editors** - you have permission to reprint at most one page from any
particular issue of mu in your publication. attribution is welcomed,  
as is a contribution for mu in return. i am always interested to hear 
about use of mu articles in this way, and would be delighted to see a 
copy when it is published. i also have a short introduction to mu     
written for a non-internet literate audience available on request.    

                             masonic bbs's 

in general the availability of back issues of mu is restricted to  
ensure that readers have first read this introductory issue, and are
therefore aware of the requirement to contribute to the magazine where

the only exception to this is masonic bulletin boards that do not have
email connectivity to the internet. masonry universal... may be made  
available on such systems. 

it is requested, however, that a short note be associated with each of
the files that should cover the following points:

   o   readers should be advised to read this issue. 

   o   a mechanism should be described that allows readers to 
       contribute to mu.

   o   a mechanism should be described that will allow readers 
       to be informed of the arrival of each new issue of mu. 

                      about masonry universal... 

mu is a small network magazine devoted to topics of a masonic nature.
it is intended as a low noise service to freemasons with access to 
internet email. minimum functionality is assumed (ie 32k restrictions
on email lengths, and monospace ascii only) to maximise its potential

mu is composed on an apple macintosh (performa 475) using bbedit lite.
the editor recommends the use of 14 point courier if you are reading  
this in a similar environment. 

mu may be freely distributed in email format. please contact the 
editor for permission to publish in any other medium.

in a windowing environment set the editor window to the size of one
page exactly, and click on the scroll bar to flip the page.

      masonry universal... is distributed by brother ross slade 
     to whom my special thanks. 

                          And yes, the ellipsis is part of the name...