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  1. - Masonic Night at First Christian Church - October 5, 1997
  2. - Masonic Home of VA Day - Saturday, October 11, 1997
  3. - Norfolk Scottish Rite Classes - October 1997
  4. - The Scottish Rite, Alexandria Valley, Fall Reunion - October 25, 1997
  5. - The Foundation for Collingwood


Masonic Night Services

8:00 PM, Sunday, October 5, 1997
at the

First Christian Church of Alexandria

2723 King Street (next door to Woodbine Nursing Home)

The Brethren of Masonic Districts
1A, 1B, 54, 3, and 4
There Families and Friends

Most Worshipful Alan Wayne Adkins
Grand Master of Masons in Virginia
will send a Homily to this
the 52nd Annual Masonic Night,
to be delievered by
Right Worshipful George Harry Chapin,
Grand Senior Warden.

The service is to be followed
by refreshments offered by members of
First Christian Church.

Point of contact: Worshipful James Gladden, Phone 703-823-1419

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Masonic Home of Virginia Family Day

Saturday, October 11, 1997

The Annual Masonic Family Day will be held at the Masonic Home of Virginia on Saturday, October 11, 1997. This event was extremely successful last year and promises the same for this year.

A parade is being planned to be formed between 10:00 AM and 10:45 AM and will step off at 11:00 AM. Following the parade, a barbecue lunch will be served by the Brethren of Amelia Lodge No. 101. The Masonic Youth will have games and field events and fun in the afternoon. Our Grand Master, MW Alan Wayne Adkins is looking forward to your attendance.



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Subject: Norfolk Scottish Rite Classes

For more info, contact: Joseph M. Weiner at hirampm@aol.com

All Master Masons (who are not members of the Norfolk Scottsih Rite) are urged to sign up for the fall Norfolk Scottish Rite Classes. This pertains to the brethern in the Tidewater area or soeverwhere dispersed.

The schedule for the fall class is:

The Norfolk Scottish Rite is initiating a new program called:


The fee for all petitions received received before Oct. 1st will be $150.00

The fee for petitions received after Oct. 1st will be$175.00

Candidates 30 years or younger will be charged a special amount of $125.00

Degrees from the 4th to the 32nd will be put on in full regalia - NO memory work.

To receive petitions or additional information please call T. Dudley Myes @ 489-1076

Get your petitions in early to take advantage of these rates.

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Alexandria Valley Scottish Rite, Fall Reunion

Deadline for petitions has been extended to October 10, 1997

For a petition or more information, contact Jack Canard, jcanard(at)cox.net

The Alexandria Valley Scottish Rite will conduct our Fall Reunion Class on Saturdays, October 25, 1997. This will be a ONE-DAY CLASS in honor of two very prominent Masons in the Northern Virginia area, MW H. Bruce Green, 33, and Past Grand Master and RW Reid J. Simmons, 33 and Past Grand Lecturer of the Grand Lodge of Virginia.

The normal deadline for petitions for this class was September 12, 1997, but, because of special circumstance, our SGIG has extended the deadline to October 10, 1997. During the past several years, we have been very fortunate to have a large number of new members join the Blue Lodge. These new members are potential Scottish Rite Masons. There is also a very large group of veteran "blue lodge" Masons who do not belong to the Scottish Rite, and many of these Masons are not familiar with the Scottish Rite and are not aware of the benefits of belonging to the Scottish Rite. It is up to each one of us who are Scottish Rite Masons to help educate these Masons so they may receive the full benefits of Masonry. If you know of a Mason in this category, please talk to him and inform him about the Scottish Rite and ask him if he is interested in joining.

If you need petition forms, please contact me and I will get them to you. You can also send the completed forms to me or to Illustrious Brother Walter Downs, the Secretary of the Valley. Once again, I ask each member of this valley to try your very best to get, and sponsor, just one candidate each for the upcoming fall class.

Jack Canard, 32, KCCH
Senior Warden, Alexandria Valley Lodge of Perfection

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The Foundation for Collingwood

Brethren, the Foundation for Collingwood is a non-profit Foundation dedicated to proudly serving the cause of patriotism. The Foundation operates the Collingwood Library and Museum on Americanism located in Alexandria, Virginia. The facility also serves as the Headquarters of the National Sojourners, Inc. More information about this facility can be found on the Virginia Masonic Information Net web site. The Foundation needs financial support to continue to operate. All contributions made to the foundation are deductible under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. While you are planning your year end contributions for tax purposes, please consider the foundation as one of the possible recipients of your financial support. If you would like to talk to someone at the Foundation office about the organization before making a contribution, you can call 703-765-1652. The current Officers of the Foundation are:

  • COL George F. Harrington - President
  • COL Charles E. McNoldy - Vice President
  • COL George E. Swick - Secretary
  • COL Robert J. "Scotty" Cameron - Treasurer

You can view pictures of Collingwood at:

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